Bamboo for bedrooms

Soft as silk and super-comfortable, our bamboo sheet sets and blankets help you stay cooler in summer, warmer in winter.

Bamboo for baby

Hypoallergenic and ultra-soft, our cot sets protect baby’s sensitive skin.

Bamboo for bathing

Four times more absorbent than cotton, super-soft and naturally odour-resistant, bamboo towels stay fresher for longer.




    “Once you’ve slept on bamboo sheets, there’s no going back to cotton.”
    - Jane Doe
    “My bamboo towels are sooo soft. I love that they never become ‘pongy’ if I forget to hang them up.”
    - Jane Doe
    “Eczema runs in our family. Since switching to bamboo sheets, everyone’s skin is feeling so much better.”
    - Jane Doe
Free Delivery in Australia
To help you discover the joy of bamboo, we offer FREE shipping in Australia on orders over $100. Under $100, there’s a small fee. Your order will arrive quick smart via DHL Express and you can track it the entire way. We also ship internationally with DHL Express and offer great rates.

Bamboo Sheets, Towels & Blankets can change your life

Having a baby changed the way we slept – for the better! It was while looking for sheets soft enough for our newborn son’s sensitive skin, that we first discovered bamboo bedding. We were delighted by its silky smoothness, and impressed that it was naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and eco-friendly.

Before long our whole family was using bamboo bedding. We were sleeping better and feeling better. Our family is prone to eczema and we noticed we stopped having flare-ups. Bamboo’s thermo-regulating properties meant we felt cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Bamboo made such a difference to our family, we wanted to share it with others and so the idea for our next baby was born: Bamboo Cupboard. By sourcing direct from the manufacturer, we are able to keep the prices for our premium quality bamboo sheet sets as comfortable as our bedding.

From the founders of Bamboo Cupboard