Bamboo Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Bamboo Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Bamboo bed sheets are currently one of the most popular bedding options right now. And, this popularity is increasing continuously in recent years. This is why there is a surge of brands that are coming into business with bamboo sheet sets. And, that is why choosing the best bamboo sheets is becoming more and more tough with every passing day. 

All these bamboo bed sheets might look similar but are not. There is much difference in the quality. And, it is not noticeable to the eyes of most people.

100% Bamboo vs Viscose vs Blend

There are primarily three types of bamboo sheets available in the market depending on the quality. These are 100% bamboo, viscose, and blend. However, in the market they are available in the below versions.

The standard bamboo sheets available in the market are nowhere near to the 100% bamboo sheets. The common bamboo sheets are often a bit on the lower end in terms of quality when compared to authentic bamboo sheets. The authentic bamboo sheets are immensely smooth, unbelievably soft and have a cloud-like breathability. And, of course, they cost a bit on the higher end.

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2. 100% Bamboo Lyocell

This is similar to the 100% bamboo sheets but it is a bit more eco-friendlier version. It has its origin during the time of the origin of rayon. But, rayon was known to be environmentally very hazardous at that point in time. Although, today people have a different idea about rayon

This fabric is made with both bamboo and linen. And, that is why this fabric has the look of linen however, it also has the softness, comfort and breathability of bamboo. This is kind of a unique product as there are not many sellers and manufacturers out there who deal in this fabric. Although we love the look of linen, there are chances that these sheets will take a lifetime to loosen up and are a bit scratchy.

4. Bamboo Cotton Blend

These are kind of the worst bamboo bed sheets available in the market currently. It is a lot sturdier and cheaper compared to authentic bamboo sheets. But, the price you need to pay is the comfort and the softness of bamboo. Undoubtedly bamboo sheets are some of the most durable sheets available in the market. But, if you buy this version of bamboo sheets, then definitely you will end up investing your money chasing mirage.

Maintain This Checklist While Purchasing Bamboo Sheets

1. Buy Authentic Bamboo Sheets

Nothing else can match the quality, comfort, smoothness of 100% authentic bamboo sheets. They are extremely soft and provide such a level of comfort to the user that no other version of bamboo sheets can match. So, always look for the bamboo sheets that are authentic.

2. Check For The Price

Check for the price of the product. If you find that the price is a bit lower, then let us tell you that it is definitely not 100% bamboo sheet. The authentic bamboo sheets are quite costly. But this premium bed sheet pays you back with unmatchable comfort, softness, durability, and breathability, which you will never get in any other product. 

3. Check For Guarantee

A quality product comes with guarantees. Be it a guarantee of luxury, or comfort or durability. You will definitely get a guaranteed product if you pay enough price. So, if you are getting a guaranteed product in the name of bamboo bed sheets, then only think of investing your money in it. 

4. Get A Sateen Weave

Nothing can give you a more comfortable sleep other than a sateen woven bamboo sheet. In such a weave, you get the delicacy and ecstasy of silk and the comfort of bamboo. 

So, next time before buying bamboo, do go through this blog once to buy the best product for your best night sleep.