Bamboo Bedding – 7 Reasons Why Bamboo is Better Than Cotton


Bamboo Bedding – 7 Reasons Why Bamboo is Better Than Cotton

The most common material used in creating blankets and sheets, today, is undoubtedly cotton. It helps create some of the most comfortable sheets and blankets. Yet, it is not the most durable, environment-friendly, or hygienic option. 

So, if you are looking forward to switching from cotton to some other material for your bedding, then bamboo is definitely the best option available. Here you will find some mind-boggling reasons for the same.

7 Reasons To Opt For Bamboo Bedding

Go through the points below and you will get to know why you should opt for bamboo blankets and sheets over the cotton ones.

1. Bamboo Bedding Is More Durable

As we have said earlier, cotton might be the most used material to create bedding, but it is definitely not the most durable one. Also, cotton sheets become coarse after a few washes. However, that is not the case with bamboo bedding. It is much stronger compared to its cotton counterpart. This robust raw material works the best when its fibres are spun to create wonderful bamboo blankets and sheets. Bamboo sheets and blankets are considered to last 3 times more than regular cotton products.

Bamboo Bedding Is More Durable
It Is Environment Friendly

2. It Is Environment Friendly

Bamboo fibre with its high durability is capable of turning itself into the softest blankets and sheets. But, one of the main reasons why we should shift to bamboo is because of the environment-friendly nature of this plant. Yes, bamboo plants are super-efficient when it is about the water requirement for their growth. They require 200 times less water compared to cotton. Also, they do not require any kinds of fertilisers or pesticides throughout their lifetime.

3. It Will Keep Your Bed Hygienic And Germ-Free

We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. So, it is quite normal that there are things on our beds that are beyond our vision. Factually, the warmth of your bed is a very good place for germs and harmful bacteria to thrive. But, bamboo blankets can save you big time in this case. Bamboo has an inherent anti-bacterial nature that keeps germs and harmful bacteria away, eliminating all sorts of requirements for pesticides.

It Will Keep Your Bed Hygienic And Germ-Free
It Is Very Comfortable

4. It Is Very Comfortable

If you are used to the cotton sheets due to the level of comfort they provide, then shifting to bamboo bedding is the best decision that you can make at this point in time as bamboo blankets and sheets are incomparably soft and comfortable. They are so soft that their level of comfort is even higher than that of muslin or Egyptian cotton. And, this comfort level stays the same even after numerous washes.

5. It Is Completely Sustainable

As bamboo is cultivated without causing any harm to nature, the sustainability of bamboo goes higher than any other material used in creating bedding. It self irrigates and helps enormously in bringing down the carbon dioxide levels. So, if you care for our nature, then switching to bamboo from any other material is the best thing that you can do.

It Is Completely Sustainable
It Is Stain-Resistant

6. It Is Stain-Resistant

The stain-resistant property of bamboo sheets and blankets is also a reason behind their high durability. This quality of the bamboo bedding is achieved naturally, without using any chemicals. And, this means, you do not need to use any kinds of bleach and harsh chemicals to keep your bedding clean as new.

7. It Is More Absorbent

Sweating is irritating and especially when you are sleeping. But, there is good news, you won’t find yourself all messed up in a sweat as bamboo blankets and sheets have hyper-absorbent properties.

It Is More Absorbent