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Bamboo Towel vs. Cotton Towel: Everything You Need To Know in 2021

Bath towels are something that every household has been using for ages. And, that is why this useful commodity needs to be efficient enough to dry our bodies fast, yet delicately, without having to rub it several times. Which makes it quite clear that the ability of absorption is the top priority for buyers when it is about purchasing a towel.

And this is where organic bamboo bath towels step in. These towels are giving a tough competition to the conventional cotton towels and people are often found confused between these two. So, making things easier for you all, here we have discussed these two types of towels.

Cotton Towels

Cotton is the most common material used to craft towels. There are many types of cotton available throughout the world and Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular types of cotton used to craft premium towels. They make the most delicate towels which give you a very rich and delicate feel. Yet, the main problem people face with cotton towels is that no matter how soft or delicate and plusher they are, they take a long time to dry.

bamboo towel
Cotton towel

Bamboo Towels

On the other hand, a bamboo hair towel is an eco-friendly option that is all set to give cotton towels a tough competition in the near future. Organic bamboo towels and bamboo hand towels are an excellent choice for your washroom. Bamboo towels come with a natural sheen and that tinch increases their premium feel.

The Pros and Cons of Cotton and Organic Bamboo Towels

Cotton Towel Benefits:


Cotton towels are quite reasonable as cotton happens to be one of the cheapest materials. And, this is why cotton is so widely used in crafting towels. 

Easy to wash:

A simple cloth washer can provide you with a perfectly clean and fresh cotton towel. 

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color goes off towel


Colours go out:

Although you can wash a cotton towel in a cloth washer, you need to make sure that you do not wash any other garment of yours, alongside. The reason is, colours come out from these towels and that might affect other clothes.

Measuring issues:

Post washing, cotton towels are prone to shrinking when they dry. 

Bamboo Towel Benefits:


The bamboo hair towel is incredible when it is about soaking water from skin. The bamboo fibres are the best when it is about the water absorbing quality.


Made from the largest grass, organic bamboo towels are quite eco-friendly. Bamboo grows naturally without requiring any fertilisers. What can be more environment-friendly than that?

benefits of bamboo towels

Suitable for any skin type:

Bamboo is good for any type of skin. No matter what type of skin you have or how sensitive your skin is, you can be totally fearless while using a bamboo towel. Bamboo baby towels are the best kind of towels that you can buy for your baby.


Bamboo fibres are woven in such a way that they serve you for a much longer duration compared to the common cotton towels.

cons of bamboo towels



Due to the low availability, bamboo towels come very costly and are usually beyond the reach of the lower-middle class.

Quality-checking is important:

Due to the high-price you require paying while buying a bamboo towel, you need to inspect the quality to make sure you are buying an authentic bamboo towel.

Final Thoughts

This makes it quite clear that bamboo towels are a much better choice, if you are looking forward to buy a new towel for your household use. Make your purchase today!

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