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Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets

Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets: Which One Should You Choose?

Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets: Which One Should You Choose?

The thing that confuses most people about a good night’s sleep is choosing the best sheet between bamboo bed sheets and cotton bed sheets. So, if you too are confused about the same then this is the best place for you as here we will be solving the biggest dilemma between bamboo bed sheets and the cotton ones. 

Amongst the types of bed sheets available in the market, these two are the most common as they are the most preferred ones. 

For the people who are newly introduced to these sheets, these two appear kind of similar but happen to be a lot different when used. Now, let’s find out how and why they are different and which one you should choose.

What Are Bamboo Bed Sheets

As the name suggests, these sheets are made of bamboo fibres. Bamboo fibre is extracted from bamboo. Also, the manufacturing process of bamboo sheet sets is quite different as the goals and the fabric production are different from others. 

Cotton is the most popular fabric used for making sheets. However, because of the low thread count, the cotton sheets are likely to pill. 

Now, let’s get into the in-depth comparison between bamboo and cotton and find out which one is the best bedding option among them both.  

Bamboo vs. Cotton Comparison

thread count

Thread Count

Thread count is the most vital thing that you need to focus on while purchasing a sheet. Thread count tells us about the quality of the sheet. And, this is where bamboo sheet sets and cotton differ the most. Although, it is not the only criteria that matters, but you need to understand that the higher the thread happens to be, the better and the softer you will feel when you use it. 

People often think that the fibres of bamboo are way softer than those of cotton. However, that is not the case. There are other types of high-end cotton which have a very high thread count and deliver a very soft feel. The reason behind this thought process is because people often compare the softness of bamboo fabric with that of regular cotton which has a low thread count. 

When it is about comfort, the comfort that you get when the cotton sheet is new is unmatchable. However, with time, this feeling goes away. Although, things are a bit different when you buy a high-end cotton sheet. 

On the other hand, bamboo sheets deliver you with a heavenly feel when you sleep in a bamboo bed sheet. And, the best part about bamboo sheets is that the soft and comfortable feel that you get from a fresh new bamboo sheet, sustains even when you have used it for long enough. 

Bamboo Sheets

Care and Durability

When it is about the care factor, it depends on whether you are following the instructions that the manufacturer has mentioned. Every different set of cotton sheets comes with a set of instructions that you need to follow while washing. If you follow them then the issues that you face with the durability of cotton sheets will come down. 

But, when you compare cotton to bamboo, the durability of bamboo fabric is beyond comparison. Although, they require a bit more attention too. Be gentle while you are running your cleaning cycles and check what the instructions say about the temperature of water to be used. And, while drying, it is best to air dry your bamboo sheets. 

Environment Friendly

Bamboo tree is undoubtedly the fastest growing tree on this entire planet. So, no matter how much bamboo you use in manufacturing king size bamboo sheets, they will grow back in just a few months. And, this is why the environmental impact and carbon footprint that they leave is very less. 

On the other hand, cotton plants are not that environmentally friendly when compared to cotton. They take more time and effort to grow and also require a lot more water. 


The breathability that you get from bamboo is unmatchable. They are so breathable that you will feel warm in cold times and cool in summer. And, this high breathability of bamboo fabric is the reason why you will never sweat while you are sleeping in king size bamboo sheets.


This is the most vital factor when you are going to purchase bed sheets for your home. The quality and experience that you get in a bamboo sheet is a lot better than that of a cotton sheet. However, bamboo sheets cost a lot more than that of cotton sheets. For the same quality of comfort, you need to pay a lot more if you wish to go with cotton, yet the durability will still be lower than bamboo sheets. 

Final Thoughts

So, it is quite clear that bamboo is the ultimate option for you if you wish to enjoy a good bedtime and for good long years. 


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