The Ultimate List of Pros & Cons of Bamboo Blankets

The Ultimate List of Pros & Cons of Bamboo Blankets

Searching for the perfect blankets, bamboo definitely makes as an option due to the high popularity and the bunch of benefits that come along. And, due to this, more and more people have started to include bamboo-based products to their daily lives. For people trying to move a step forwards to an eco-friendly, waste-free lifestyle, bamboo has become an unquestionable choice. These products include bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo sheets, etc. But, when it comes to bamboo blankets, they have not yet got the credit that they deserve. 

Organic bamboo blankets are an absolute essential product to relish your sweet bedtime. Normally, when we buy these blankets, we do not focus on the materials that they are made of. As a result, we end up facing several issues like bad odour, skin allergies, and thermoregulation. 

Here, organic bamboo blankets are making their mark due to the quality of sleeping experience that you get from them and also the sustainability factor.

Speaking of the variety of sizes available, there are practically no size variations. It is a one size fits all type of a thing. So, no confusion here. But, before you settle down for the rest, you need to have a clear idea about the pros and cons of these blankets.

The bamboo tree does not require any kind of pesticides to protect it from germs, bacteria, and pests. It has an innate property of resisting bacteria. It does not rot or pathogens cannot decompose bamboo. And this gets carry forwarded to bamboo-based products as well. Also, bamboo fabrics do not require to be processed chemically. And, these benefits persist even after 50 washes. 

Do Not Have Any Odour

2. Odour-resistant

Odour in a fabric is the result of microbial and bacterial growth in it. However, this can never be the case with organic bamboo blankets, as bamboo has a natural antibacterial property. This is why you will never experience any sort of odour while using your bamboo blanket. You will keep on enjoying the pleasant smell even after repeated use for a good long time.

The best part about these blankets is that they come with a variant of weighted bamboo blankets. It is a breakthrough in the blanket market. These weighted bamboo blankets not only have the aforementioned properties but they are very good for your health as well. Due to the extra weight, they put pressure on your entire body, catalysing your body’s relaxation procedure and helping you to cope up with the anxiety. Naturally, you will get a far better sleeping experience.

4. Hypoallergenic

There is a phenomenon of having allergic reactions after regular use of common blankets. Mostly such allergies are triggered by the filling of blankets. There are manufacturers who still prefer to use natural feathers in their blankets which is neither sustainable nor good for people who tend to have allergies or skin problems. However, organic bamboo blankets can help you in such a condition like no other. Not only they are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, but their breatheability factor is also aq lot higher than its counterparts.

5. Thermoregulating

When it comes to the breathability factor, organic bamboo blankets have no competition. They successfully prevent your body from overheating and preserve your body heat when it’s cold out there. So, when you use these blankets you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to their excellent air-channelising properties.

Sustainable bamboo sheet

6. Sustainable

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants that you will find in the entire world. A completely chopped out bamboo forest can regrow within a mere duration of three or four months. Also, they require no fertilisers or pesticides to grow at this fast rate, and surprisingly they require very small amount of water to catalyse their growth. And this is the reason why bamboo-based products leave a very less amount of carbon footprints behind. No wonder why bamboo blankets are so sustainable.

1. Costly

It is not an unknown fact that organic bamboo blankets are a bit costlier than the other blankets that you will find out there in the market. But you need to accept that investing in bamboo blankets is a long term investment and it will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run.

2. Weighted Blankets Bad For Pregnancy

Although weighted blankets provide you with a sound sleep like no other, you should always consult a physician before making the final purchase. Undoubtedly, they are very good for people suffering from several health-related issues, there are conditions that prohibit their usages, such as bone tissue illness and pregnancy.

So, Should You Buy Organic Bamboo Blankets?

The pros that come with these premium blankets are undoubtedly very beneficial, although there are a few cons as well. But, if you take a closer look, bamboo blankets will benefit you in the long run and the cons are very case specific. Hence, it is quite clear that purchasing bamboo blankets is a very good deal.

Bamboo Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Bamboo Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Bamboo bed sheets are currently one of the most popular bedding options right now. And, this popularity is increasing continuously in recent years. This is why there is a surge of brands that are coming into business with bamboo sheet sets. And, that is why choosing the best bamboo sheets is becoming more and more tough with every passing day. 

All these bamboo bed sheets might look similar but are not. There is much difference in the quality. And, it is not noticeable to the eyes of most people.

100% Bamboo vs Viscose vs Blend

There are primarily three types of bamboo sheets available in the market depending on the quality. These are 100% bamboo, viscose, and blend. However, in the market they are available in the below versions.

The standard bamboo sheets available in the market are nowhere near to the 100% bamboo sheets. The common bamboo sheets are often a bit on the lower end in terms of quality when compared to authentic bamboo sheets. The authentic bamboo sheets are immensely smooth, unbelievably soft and have a cloud-like breathability. And, of course, they cost a bit on the higher end.

bamboo towel

2. 100% Bamboo Lyocell

This is similar to the 100% bamboo sheets but it is a bit more eco-friendlier version. It has its origin during the time of the origin of rayon. But, rayon was known to be environmentally very hazardous at that point in time. Although, today people have a different idea about rayon

This fabric is made with both bamboo and linen. And, that is why this fabric has the look of linen however, it also has the softness, comfort and breathability of bamboo. This is kind of a unique product as there are not many sellers and manufacturers out there who deal in this fabric. Although we love the look of linen, there are chances that these sheets will take a lifetime to loosen up and are a bit scratchy.

4. Bamboo Cotton Blend

These are kind of the worst bamboo bed sheets available in the market currently. It is a lot sturdier and cheaper compared to authentic bamboo sheets. But, the price you need to pay is the comfort and the softness of bamboo. Undoubtedly bamboo sheets are some of the most durable sheets available in the market. But, if you buy this version of bamboo sheets, then definitely you will end up investing your money chasing mirage.

Maintain This Checklist While Purchasing Bamboo Sheets

1. Buy Authentic Bamboo Sheets

Nothing else can match the quality, comfort, smoothness of 100% authentic bamboo sheets. They are extremely soft and provide such a level of comfort to the user that no other version of bamboo sheets can match. So, always look for the bamboo sheets that are authentic.

2. Check For The Price

Check for the price of the product. If you find that the price is a bit lower, then let us tell you that it is definitely not 100% bamboo sheet. The authentic bamboo sheets are quite costly. But this premium bed sheet pays you back with unmatchable comfort, softness, durability, and breathability, which you will never get in any other product. 

3. Check For Guarantee

A quality product comes with guarantees. Be it a guarantee of luxury, or comfort or durability. You will definitely get a guaranteed product if you pay enough price. So, if you are getting a guaranteed product in the name of bamboo bed sheets, then only think of investing your money in it. 

4. Get A Sateen Weave

Nothing can give you a more comfortable sleep other than a sateen woven bamboo sheet. In such a weave, you get the delicacy and ecstasy of silk and the comfort of bamboo. 

So, next time before buying bamboo, do go through this blog once to buy the best product for your best night sleep. 

5 Must-Have Bamboo Products for a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

5 Must-Have Bamboo Products for a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Bamboo products are undoubtedly the best alternative towards a plastic-free world. Bamboo-based products are durable, it grows faster than most other plants in the entire world, it produces more O2 and absorbs more CO2 than most other plants. Also, unlike other forests, bamboo forests can grow back within 3 to 5 years. And, lastly, they thrive without any requirement for pesticides, fertilisers and very less water. 

So, it makes a lot of sense why you need to step towards a bamboo-based future, to reduce the plastic waste to null. 

Here are a few reasons why bamboo bedding can help you get better and sound sleep.

If you are looking for something that is eco-friendly yet softer than linen or muslin, yet is a lot cheaper than both, then bamboo sheets are the answer to all your queries. Yes, besides these properties, bamboo sheets are extremely sustainable, moisture absorbing and hypoallergenic and antibacterial by nature. So, there is no doubt that bamboo sheets are your best alternative towards an eco-friendly bedtime. 

Bamboo Cutlery

2. Bamboo Cutlery

This is a zero waste cutlery set that can perfectly replace your plastic cutlery set. This eco-friendly cutlery set comes with a knife, a spoon and a fork which are the most useful trio in a convenient travel pouch. This travel pouch makes it easy for people to carry it around. Moreover, you can easily clean these utensils after using them as they are quite long lasting and very durable to use for a good span of time unlike plastic cutlery sets. 

This variant of household towels is the best option for you if you wish to go eco-friendly with your household items. Besides, bamboo towels are highly absorbent and extremely soft compared to cotton towels. They are also very breathable which makes them the best choice as baby towels as well. Moreover, due to bamboo’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, bamboo towels have the same properties and are the best choice for people who have issues with skin sensitivity.

Bamboo Dish Cloths

4. Bamboo Dish Cloths

The antibacterial properties of bamboo makes them the best made for dish cloths. These high utility dish cloths help prevent the spread of bacteria and other germs. Their high absorbent property is so efficient that they are almost 40% more absorbent compared to their cotton counterpart. And, not just that but they dry up faster as well. So, no doubt bamboo dish cloths are the best pick for any household, and especially amidst this pandemic situation. 

Bamboo products are some of the most durable products all over the world and especially when it is about bamboo fabric, the weaving technique provides it with the durability benefit that it is known for, worldwide. Yes, bamboo blankets are extremely thermoregulating in nature and help you stay cool when you sleep in them. Bamboo blankets are also very soft on skin and wrinkle-free, which makes them look pretty luxurious. Moreover, they are very sustainable.

So, undoubtedly, bamboo based products make the best quality items for any household who wishes to take a few steps towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future. And, the best art, you can avail the best quality bamboo sheets, bamboo towels and bamboo blankets at Bamboo Cupboard at the best of prices. So, if you too wish to take a foot forward to a sustainable, eco friendly, and plastic-free lifestyle, book your bamboo products from Bamboo Cupboard today.

How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better

How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better

The bamboo products that we use are made by processing bamboo into fibre. And, these products come with many benefits. Bamboo-based fabric is very breathable and extremely soft. Bamboo-based products are also known for their property of being more naturally wrinkle-free than cotton. And, this is why bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are getting more and more popular as a better alternative compared to their traditional counterpart, i.e., cotton in terms of sustainability. 

Also, unlike cotton, bamboo has very less requirements for water and absolutely zero requirements for pesticides and fertilisers, which makes it a lot more environment friendly. So, buying bamboo-based products, you will be bringing the best and the most eco-friendly products home. 

Moreover, bamboo is usually grown in third world countries that are less fortunate, so, in a way, by buying bamboo products, you will be supporting the less-fortunate people as well as the environment.

Here are a few reasons why bamboo bedding can help you get better and sound sleep.

Bamboo sheets give you the best sleeping experience by keeping you dry and comfortable. These sheets are naturally breathable, with micro-gaps present in the structure of the fibre which makes the sheets permeable and absorbent. And, this feature helps in quickly evaporating your sweat. Being permeable, they also trap less heat compared to cotton, which is why you would not even get sweaty in these sheets. And, bamboo’s natural thermoregulating property helps you keep yourself warm in winters and cool in summers.

Best For Skin

2. Best For Skin

If you tend to suffer from issues with your skin like allergies, sensitivity, or dermatitis, then bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are definitely the thing for you. Often dust mites and other tiny bugs which feed from your dead skin cells are the primary reason behind skin allergies and breathing ailments like asthma. These bugs prefer environments that are humid. But, as bamboo-based fabric tends to release moisture, regulating temperature, these bugs do not find suitable conditions here. Also, bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties keep you safe from several skin issues.

The basic round surface of the bamboo fibre makes it extremely smooth and soft on skin, even more than the softest cotton fibre. When you have a baboo-based fibre on your skin, it feels like draping high-quality silk or satin. Although this high comfort and luxury comes at a much lesser price than the silk counterpart. The natural sheen of bamboo is also similar to that of silk or cashmere. And, no matter how many times you wash them, they tend to hold their smoothness unlike cotton fabrics that turn harsh after just a few washes.


4. Sustainable

Bamboo has been accredited as the most abundant natural biomass material used for creating fabrics in the textile industry. There is no denial of the fact that bamboo is a renewable resource that gets renewed quite rapidly. This is the main reason behind its high sustainability. Unlike its other counterparts like cotton, bamboo does not require any sorts of pesticides or fertilisers. Also, the requirement for water in the cultivation of bamboo is also quite lesser than cotton. Moreover, bamboo also produces almost 30% more oxygen than any plant used in the textile industry. No wonder why it is considered so sustainable.

Like we have already mentioned above, bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are extremely soft, but at the same time they are very durable as well. The way bamboo fibres are woven to generate the fabric, is one of the main reasons behind this high durability. Yes, bamboo fibres are stretched and woven together. This weaving technique makes bamboo less prone to getting torn or pilling like similar other fabrics. 

The above-mentioned reasons make it quite clear why bamboo is one of the most environment-friendly and the most sustainable textile fabric of them all. Hence, you are bound to get better sleep in bamboo bedding.

7 Must-Have Bamboo Items For Your Sustainable Home

7 Must-Have Bamboo Items For Your Sustainable Home

Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable, renewable, and durable materials worldwide. It is also known for its versatility in terms of usage. 


So, for people who are looking for a feasible alternative to plastic products, buckle up to explore our list of the best bamboo products for a sustainable home. 


Here in this list, we will be introducing you to the best bamboo products that are essential in our everyday household to electronic appliances, grooming, and personal care. 

7 Essential Bamboo Items For Your Home

One of the best things that we have on our list is nothing but the 100% organic bamboo sheets from Bamboo Cupboard. These sheets are very soft on the skin and unimaginably breathable, making them the best pick for all-season use.

Also, due to their only component being bamboo, they are completely antibacterial and have no allergens. No matter what skin type is, you can use these bamboo sheets. No doubt, these sheets are a great step towards a healthy eco-friendly world.

Eco Pea Co. diaper

2.Eco Pea Co. diaper

One of the most beneficial bamboo products, Eco Pea Co. diaper is one of the best diapers available in the market. This bamboo-made diaper has a very soft feel and is quite good for the skin of children. As it is made of bamboo it is extremely beneficial for the environment as well. 

This biodegradable product from Eco Pea Co. takes around 2 to 3 months to get degraded. While other diapers take unimaginably longer due to the presence of plastic components in them.

The bamboo towels from Bamboo Cupboard are one of the best kinds of towels available worldwide. They are so soft that they can also be used as baby towels. Yes, due to their anti-allergenic property and antibacterial nature, they are very much suitable even for babies. 

They are also of high utility as bamboo towels are extremely durable. The bamboo fibres that are used to craft these towels are extremely long which naturally increases their longevity. So, no doubt this is a win-win purchase.

AYFLOR Bamboo Travel Utensils

4. AYFLOR Bamboo Travel Utensils

Travel utensils are one of the most essential items present in the backpack of a person who loves to travel. 

This set of utensils consist of a spoon, chopsticks, fork, knife, straws and a straw cleaning brush. As these items are quintessential for a traveller, they prefer to have them of the best quality. And, this is why bamboo travel utensils are a big go-to for them due to the soft texture that naturally comes from bamboo. 

Also, as bamboo is pesticide free and anti-bacterial, bamboo items are very healthy for use on a regular basis.

This biodegradable product from Eco Pea Co. takes around 2 to 3 months to get degraded. While other diapers take unimaginably longer due to the presence of plastic components in them.

No matter what you are about to go, be it to school or to work, going to a campaign or travelling throughout the world, this great thermos can help you with its ultimate utility. You can use this for storing both cold and hot beverages in its inbuilt strainer. 

The tea infuser tumbler is completely organic, free of toxins and entirely made of bamboo. This infuser is also leak-proof and can keep your beverage’s thermal state intact for upto 8 long hours due to its double-walled insulation. 

Lastly, this container is very lightweight to carry which makes you able to carry cups with you so that you can avoid using one-time use cups made of plastic.

Bamboo blankets are widely known as one of the softest blankets. And, speaking of bamboo blankets from Bamboo Cupboard, they make the softest and most comfortable blankets of them all. These blankets are the best for every night, be it in summer or winter, you can use them due to their thermal regulatory properties. 

So, if you are planning to buy some new blankets for your family, these super-soft luxurious bamboo blankets are the ones that you should refer to.

Ocean plastics are the worst thing plastic has done to our environment. From harming sea animals to polluting the water, they are responsible for everything. But now, there is an alternative that is much biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

Yes, we are talking about the bamboo cotton swabs from Eco Daily. These swabs are made of medical-grade cotton attached to an organic bamboo stick which helps it bring down sea pollution levels. 

These bamboo-made products are some of the best of their niche. So, invest your money wisely and get the best for yourself and your family. 

How Eco-friendly are Bamboo Products? Know the Truth

How Eco-friendly are Bamboo Products? Know the Truth

Bamboo products are taking over the market like a storm. But, people have second thoughts and that is when they start having doubts.

Bamboo has already been labelled as the most sustainable organic fabric that humans could ever get. And, that is why people are going gaga over their newly purchased bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels. But, there are also people who are having a tough time throwing their cotton towels away, accepting bamboo products.

And, the question that is rising in their minds is nothing but, how eco-friendly are bamboo products, in reality? 

So, if you are one of them, then let us help you solve this dilemma of yours. 

Bamboo is working as an alternative to cotton, plastic, and whatnot. People working in this fast-expanding industry, and avid users of bamboo products claim that bamboo is a much stronger and more durable counterpart of its alternatives. But, on the other hand, it is biodegradable as well as organic.

Here are the top 5 reasons that are enough to make you understand how eco-friendly bamboo products truly are.

1. Bamboo Is The Fastest Growing Plant

This highly sustainable plant takes just 3 to 4 months to reach its full size. And, this time span is quite less when compared to standard trees which take over 30 years to reach their fully grown stage. Surprisingly, this plant has a growth rate of 3 feet per 24 hours. Yes, and that is why it is the best sustainable alternative. Thanks to its naturally renewing properties. Al

Bamboo Is The Fastest Growing Plant
Safe And Hygienic

2.Safe And Hygienic

Due to its natural antibacterial property, bamboo sheets, bamboo towels, and bamboo blankets are extremely good for any kind of skin. No matter if your skin is very sensitive, you can rely on these utility goods as they are the safest fabric for your skin as no chemicals are used in their manufacturing.

3.Robust And Durable

Bamboo is called the new green steel for a reason. It is extremely durable when woven its fibres are woven in order to create textiles. Bamboo fibres are quite long compared to cotton and that acts as a bonus to the durability quotient of bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels

Robust And Durable
Good For Small Businesses

4. Good For Small Businesses

The manufacturing and production of fabric made out of bamboo are primarily done by small and traditional industries. With its rapid growth, the bamboo fabric industry is now a great source of employment. Creating well-paying, stable jobs, the bamboo industry is the most eligible industry for you to support if you consider contributing for the greater good.

5. Great For The Environment

Bamboo is one of the highest producers of oxygen, almost 30% more to be precise. Also, it absorbs 2 times more carbon dioxide, when compared to other trees and plants. Bamboo does not require any fertilisers or pesticides, keeping the soil beneath, harmless and fertile. And, for countries that are prone to landslides, bamboo is the best option to prevent such occurrences or even soil erosion.

Great For The Environment

So, these were the benefits that bamboo extracts can aid you with if you use them the right way.

5 Unknown Health Benefits of Bamboo Extract

5 Unknown Health Benefits of Bamboo Extract

Bamboo is such a plant that is quite versatile. There is no part of this plant that has no use and that is why this plant is one of the best options for reforestation. From king size bamboo sheets to utterly soft bamboo towels, this plant has given us utility goods that we can’t thank enough. With time, people are getting to know more about the benefits of these products and thus these products are taking on the market like a storm. Bamboo extracts have great benefits for our skin, hair, nails, and several other parts of our body. 

Health Benefits of Bamboo Extracts

If you use them in the right way, bamboo extracts can provide you with a wide range of health benefits. So, consult with your physician and if you get a nod, you will be experiencing these excellent perks. 

1. Fast Wound Healing

Containing poultice, bamboo is a great source of antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties. And, a good lot of people are still unaware of this fact. Yes, bamboo extracts can result in the same as antibiotics. So, if you do not wish to take other supplements, you can just use bamboo extract powder while treating an open wound that requires anti-bacterial treatment.

Fast Wound Healing
Boosted Memory

2.Boosted Memory

Bamboo today is one of the most used materials in the cosmetic industry, but there are memory-related benefits as well that you can avail from this plant. Yes, bamboo extracts can really prove themselves to be useful in fuelling your brain. These extracts work on brain tissues and toughen them. Also, they boost neurotransmitter performance like none other. Moreover, bamboo is a great medication for people suffering from dementia.

3.Increased Energy

Rejuvenating your body can be done easily with bamboo extracts. They will help you immensely in keeping yourself buckled up for every situation at every point in time. The added energy that you get from bamboo is really very effective as they keep you alert throughout the day, helping you do a lot better at work or school. 

Shinier Hair and Stronger Nails and Bones

4. Shinier Hair and Stronger Nails and Bones

Lack of biotin and other nutrients can turn your hair dull and brittle. To get rid of this and make your hair shinier, you need to take silica supplements while you are taking shower. This habit will strengthen your hair and will increase the shine of your hair like none other. Not just that, bamboo extracts also help to improve your skin elasticity, making your nails stronger. Also, increasing calcium absorption, bamboo extracts are tremendously good for the health of your bones.

5. Zero Skin Related Issues

Bamboo extracts are the best aid to skin-related issues. They help you delay your aging as well as delaying the development of wrinkles. Moreover, having antibacterial properties, king size bamboo sheets and bamboo towels are the best for any skin type.

Zero Skin Related Issues

So, these were the benefits that bamboo extracts can aid you with if you use them the right way.

Bamboo Bedding – 7 Reasons Why Bamboo is Better Than Cotton

Bamboo Bedding – 7 Reasons Why Bamboo is Better Than Cotton

The most common material used in creating blankets and sheets, today, is undoubtedly cotton. It helps create some of the most comfortable sheets and blankets. Yet, it is not the most durable, environment-friendly, or hygienic option. 

So, if you are looking forward to switching from cotton to some other material for your bedding, then bamboo is definitely the best option available. Here you will find some mind-boggling reasons for the same.

7 Reasons To Opt For Bamboo Bedding

Go through the points below and you will get to know why you should opt for bamboo blankets and sheets over the cotton ones.

1. Bamboo Bedding Is More Durable

As we have said earlier, cotton might be the most used material to create bedding, but it is definitely not the most durable one. Also, cotton sheets become coarse after a few washes. However, that is not the case with bamboo bedding. It is much stronger compared to its cotton counterpart. This robust raw material works the best when its fibres are spun to create wonderful bamboo blankets and sheets. Bamboo sheets and blankets are considered to last 3 times more than regular cotton products.

Bamboo Bedding Is More Durable
It Is Environment Friendly

2. It Is Environment Friendly

Bamboo fibre with its high durability is capable of turning itself into the softest blankets and sheets. But, one of the main reasons why we should shift to bamboo is because of the environment-friendly nature of this plant. Yes, bamboo plants are super-efficient when it is about the water requirement for their growth. They require 200 times less water compared to cotton. Also, they do not require any kinds of fertilisers or pesticides throughout their lifetime.

3. It Will Keep Your Bed Hygienic And Germ-Free

We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. So, it is quite normal that there are things on our beds that are beyond our vision. Factually, the warmth of your bed is a very good place for germs and harmful bacteria to thrive. But, bamboo blankets can save you big time in this case. Bamboo has an inherent anti-bacterial nature that keeps germs and harmful bacteria away, eliminating all sorts of requirements for pesticides.

It Will Keep Your Bed Hygienic And Germ-Free
It Is Very Comfortable

4. It Is Very Comfortable

If you are used to the cotton sheets due to the level of comfort they provide, then shifting to bamboo bedding is the best decision that you can make at this point in time as bamboo blankets and sheets are incomparably soft and comfortable. They are so soft that their level of comfort is even higher than that of muslin or Egyptian cotton. And, this comfort level stays the same even after numerous washes.

5. It Is Completely Sustainable

As bamboo is cultivated without causing any harm to nature, the sustainability of bamboo goes higher than any other material used in creating bedding. It self irrigates and helps enormously in bringing down the carbon dioxide levels. So, if you care for our nature, then switching to bamboo from any other material is the best thing that you can do.

It Is Completely Sustainable
It Is Stain-Resistant

6. It Is Stain-Resistant

The stain-resistant property of bamboo sheets and blankets is also a reason behind their high durability. This quality of the bamboo bedding is achieved naturally, without using any chemicals. And, this means, you do not need to use any kinds of bleach and harsh chemicals to keep your bedding clean as new.

7. It Is More Absorbent

Sweating is irritating and especially when you are sleeping. But, there is good news, you won’t find yourself all messed up in a sweat as bamboo blankets and sheets have hyper-absorbent properties.

It Is More Absorbent