How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better

How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better

How Bamboo Bedding Helps You Sleep Better

The bamboo products that we use are made by processing bamboo into fibre. And, these products come with many benefits. Bamboo-based fabric is very breathable and extremely soft. Bamboo-based products are also known for their property of being more naturally wrinkle-free than cotton. And, this is why bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are getting more and more popular as a better alternative compared to their traditional counterpart, i.e., cotton in terms of sustainability. 

Also, unlike cotton, bamboo has very less requirements for water and absolutely zero requirements for pesticides and fertilisers, which makes it a lot more environment friendly. So, buying bamboo-based products, you will be bringing the best and the most eco-friendly products home. 

Moreover, bamboo is usually grown in third world countries that are less fortunate, so, in a way, by buying bamboo products, you will be supporting the less-fortunate people as well as the environment.

Here are a few reasons why bamboo bedding can help you get better and sound sleep.

Bamboo sheets give you the best sleeping experience by keeping you dry and comfortable. These sheets are naturally breathable, with micro-gaps present in the structure of the fibre which makes the sheets permeable and absorbent. And, this feature helps in quickly evaporating your sweat. Being permeable, they also trap less heat compared to cotton, which is why you would not even get sweaty in these sheets. And, bamboo’s natural thermoregulating property helps you keep yourself warm in winters and cool in summers.

Best For Skin

2. Best For Skin

If you tend to suffer from issues with your skin like allergies, sensitivity, or dermatitis, then bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are definitely the thing for you. Often dust mites and other tiny bugs which feed from your dead skin cells are the primary reason behind skin allergies and breathing ailments like asthma. These bugs prefer environments that are humid. But, as bamboo-based fabric tends to release moisture, regulating temperature, these bugs do not find suitable conditions here. Also, bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties keep you safe from several skin issues.

The basic round surface of the bamboo fibre makes it extremely smooth and soft on skin, even more than the softest cotton fibre. When you have a baboo-based fibre on your skin, it feels like draping high-quality silk or satin. Although this high comfort and luxury comes at a much lesser price than the silk counterpart. The natural sheen of bamboo is also similar to that of silk or cashmere. And, no matter how many times you wash them, they tend to hold their smoothness unlike cotton fabrics that turn harsh after just a few washes.


4. Sustainable

Bamboo has been accredited as the most abundant natural biomass material used for creating fabrics in the textile industry. There is no denial of the fact that bamboo is a renewable resource that gets renewed quite rapidly. This is the main reason behind its high sustainability. Unlike its other counterparts like cotton, bamboo does not require any sorts of pesticides or fertilisers. Also, the requirement for water in the cultivation of bamboo is also quite lesser than cotton. Moreover, bamboo also produces almost 30% more oxygen than any plant used in the textile industry. No wonder why it is considered so sustainable.

Like we have already mentioned above, bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels are extremely soft, but at the same time they are very durable as well. The way bamboo fibres are woven to generate the fabric, is one of the main reasons behind this high durability. Yes, bamboo fibres are stretched and woven together. This weaving technique makes bamboo less prone to getting torn or pilling like similar other fabrics. 

The above-mentioned reasons make it quite clear why bamboo is one of the most environment-friendly and the most sustainable textile fabric of them all. Hence, you are bound to get better sleep in bamboo bedding.