How Eco-friendly are Bamboo Products? Know the Truth

How Eco-friendly are Bamboo Products

How Eco-friendly are Bamboo Products? Know the Truth

Bamboo products are taking over the market like a storm. But, people have second thoughts and that is when they start having doubts.

Bamboo has already been labelled as the most sustainable organic fabric that humans could ever get. And, that is why people are going gaga over their newly purchased bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels. But, there are also people who are having a tough time throwing their cotton towels away, accepting bamboo products.

And, the question that is rising in their minds is nothing but, how eco-friendly are bamboo products, in reality? 

So, if you are one of them, then let us help you solve this dilemma of yours. 

Bamboo is working as an alternative to cotton, plastic, and whatnot. People working in this fast-expanding industry, and avid users of bamboo products claim that bamboo is a much stronger and more durable counterpart of its alternatives. But, on the other hand, it is biodegradable as well as organic.

Here are the top 5 reasons that are enough to make you understand how eco-friendly bamboo products truly are.

1. Bamboo Is The Fastest Growing Plant

This highly sustainable plant takes just 3 to 4 months to reach its full size. And, this time span is quite less when compared to standard trees which take over 30 years to reach their fully grown stage. Surprisingly, this plant has a growth rate of 3 feet per 24 hours. Yes, and that is why it is the best sustainable alternative. Thanks to its naturally renewing properties. Al

Bamboo Is The Fastest Growing Plant
Safe And Hygienic

2.Safe And Hygienic

Due to its natural antibacterial property, bamboo sheets, bamboo towels, and bamboo blankets are extremely good for any kind of skin. No matter if your skin is very sensitive, you can rely on these utility goods as they are the safest fabric for your skin as no chemicals are used in their manufacturing.

3.Robust And Durable

Bamboo is called the new green steel for a reason. It is extremely durable when woven its fibres are woven in order to create textiles. Bamboo fibres are quite long compared to cotton and that acts as a bonus to the durability quotient of bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, and bamboo towels

Robust And Durable
Good For Small Businesses

4. Good For Small Businesses

The manufacturing and production of fabric made out of bamboo are primarily done by small and traditional industries. With its rapid growth, the bamboo fabric industry is now a great source of employment. Creating well-paying, stable jobs, the bamboo industry is the most eligible industry for you to support if you consider contributing for the greater good.

5. Great For The Environment

Bamboo is one of the highest producers of oxygen, almost 30% more to be precise. Also, it absorbs 2 times more carbon dioxide, when compared to other trees and plants. Bamboo does not require any fertilisers or pesticides, keeping the soil beneath, harmless and fertile. And, for countries that are prone to landslides, bamboo is the best option to prevent such occurrences or even soil erosion.

Great For The Environment

So, these were the benefits that bamboo extracts can aid you with if you use them the right way.